An enclosure of our range Euro1500 made for a wine-making castle

The electrical components inside our enclosure control the quality of the water rejected. This control permit to know the quantity of pollutant rejected towards a natural environment. This enclosure have 3 separate compartments to install 3 different electrical system : the analysis, the low voltage the automation. Another specification, asked by the client was the […]

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Fire cabinet

Europoly makes fire protection cabinets, to store first aid products, but also important to integrate a water curtain system. These cabinets have three priority interests: Of red color in the mass, these cabinets are in conformity with the legislation in force, The material: polyester fiberglass reinforced totally anticorrosion, no impact on a wet and outdoor […]

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Cabinets for Lyon’s tramways

The city of Lyon has asked us to design the EURO URBAIN cabinets in order to integrate important electronic devises for Lyon’s tramways. The Euro URBAIN enclosure range can fulfil the most frequent needs of the municipalities thanks to : Their corrosion resistance Their anti-graffiti coating Their anti-poster surface Their high mechanical strength In our […]

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Shelters for gaz treatment

The shelters in our range Mega Euro are used by our customers for a specific application. In which area ? Gas treatment from a post of delivery. The customers need the shelters to protect their enclosures for automatism and analysis. These shelters also allow the technicians to shelter when  they are measuring and they can […]

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An enclosure, coupled with polyester cabinets to pilot telescopes

This is a specific solution which has been designed for a particular application.   The company EUROPOLY produced enclosures coupled with cabinets to operate high-tech telescopes. Our products were ordered and approved by the Paris Observatory. The enclosures and cabinets had to be both watertight and ventilated (minimum IP55) with a strong resistance against UV-rays. […]

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Armoires grandes tailles polyester MAXI EURO

Here is an enclosure from our MAXI EURO product range

Unique dimensions!! Height with base: 2100mm, width: 6920mm, depth: 450mm. In partnership with its client (a leader power supplier), Europoly conceived this enclosure with big dimensions, which was later used as a low-voltage main switchboard in a particularly warm and humid environment (Guyana), in the photovoltaic sector. Here are the main assets of this enclosure: […]

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Coffret standard polyester MINI EURO

The photovoltaic market

Thanks to our ranges of MINI EURO cabinets and EURO MEDIUM enclosures, we produce an important amount of casings dedicated to the photovoltaic market. Our main assets: Dimensions meeting the vast majority of demands in this domain of application. Enclosures larger than their height, allowing to organize the inside cabling in the best possible way. […]

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armoire polyester

An enclosure to manage, monitor and regulate

Here is an application that very often requires enclosures with big dimensions. These enclosures that were installed in Belgium allow to regulate, manage and monitor the amount of people going in and out of a factory. The recorders installed in these enclosures are very deep. In our EURO1500 enclosure range, you will be provided with […]

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cabine polyester shell

Polyester shelters for Shell

We produced several polyester shelters for a petroleum site (refinery and transformation). These shelters are used as machine rooms designed for a specific application, in this case: low-tension premises. The main reasons for using a polyester shelter: Its weight that is inferior to any other material. Moreover, fiber-glass reinforced polyester is mechanically very resistant. Our […]

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Vehicle disinfection

Here is an enclosure from our range MAXI EURO giving a solution to a very specific application: A misting system for vehicle disinfection. This client needed to install several enclosures outdoors. He was looking for an enclosure with big dimensions because the products he had to install inside were very voluminous. He also wanted the […]

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