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Group company EUROPOLY

The polyester referenceManufacture of boxes, cabinets, cabinets in polyester.

Group company EUROPOLY

Manufacture of cabin cabinets, shelters in insulated sandwich panels

Group company EUROPOLY

A cabin from our Mega Euro range for the Compagnie des Salins du Midi.

The Salins Group is one of the main European salt producers. Les Salins du Midi has called on our know-how to house their drilling heads which allow them to dig to fetch the water deeply in the groundwaters to extract the salt.

To protect their equipment, we have provided them with several polyester cabins from our Mega Euro range. Our fiberglass reinforced polyester cabins are anti-corrosion and have two levels of finish; either a single polyester skin with reinforcement by stringers embedded in the glass mat, or a double polyester skin with polyurethane foam insulation 20 to 40 mm thick. They will therefore resist perfectly to bad weather in any environment. Our cabins can also be delivered with or without a floor, with or without a plinth. Here our client preferred to pour a concrete slab to install the cabin on it.

And because we do not only manufacture large enclosures and cabins, do not hesitate to consult our website to discover our cabinets and polyester boxes. And if you do not find the dimensions you are looking for in our Europoly range, do not hesitate to visit our Gensollen website, which is part of the Europoly group, for custom cabins.