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Group company EUROPOLY

The polyester referenceManufacture of boxes, cabinets, cabinets in polyester.

Group company EUROPOLY

Manufacture of cabin cabinets, shelters in insulated sandwich panels

Group company EUROPOLY

A Europoly enclosure at the port of Dunkirk!

This is the perfect example of the resistance of our polyester enclosures! These cabinets from our Maxi Euro range were installed in the port of Dunkirk in full sun and in a particularly saline environment. Our enclosures, all made of fiberglass reinforced polyester, are anti-corrosion and their polyurethane coating has strong UV resistance. Thanks to the different options we offer inside our enclosures such as air conditioning or heating, you will be able to install them in any environment, whether hot, cold or very corrosive.

Special feature of our Maxi Euro enclosures, if you can’t find what you are looking for in our standard range, you can customize your cabinet according to your needs. We will assemble the enclosure in the factory integrating the options you need, and we will study an assembly dedicated to your applications.

You too can trust our know-how and do not hesitate to contact our technical-sales team for more information at the following address ! And if you need polyester cabins and shelters, you can take a look at our Gensollen website, which is part of the Europoly group.