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Group company EUROPOLY

The polyester referenceManufacture of boxes, cabinets, cabinets in polyester.

Group company EUROPOLY

Manufacture of cabin cabinets, shelters in insulated sandwich panels

Group company EUROPOLY

A Maxi Euro enclosure installed for our customer CPS!

The company CPS specializes in the collection and treatment of wastewater. For its wastewater treatment plant our client called on the expertise of Europoly. We have supplied an enclosure from our Maxi Euro range which is entirely anti-corrosion (IP65 / IK10), in fiberglass reinforced polyester. Our products have a Gel Coat finish as well as a polyurethane coating with high UV resistance, guaranteed for 10 years!

The exterior door, which can be opened to the right or to the left, is securely fixed thanks to the stainless-steel hinges as well as a three-point closure. Our eight dowels at the back of the enclosures allow the fixing of a frame. Europoly can also provide enclosures equipped with ventilation, air conditioning, lighting according to customer needs!

You too can trust Europoly! And because Gensollen is also part of the Europoly group, do not hesitate to contact our technical sales team for any need for polyester cabins in sandwich panels.