An enclosure of our range Euro1500 made for a wine-making castle

Armoire en polyester EURO1500

An enclosure in polyester of our range Euro1500 made for a wine-making castle

The electrical components inside our enclosure in polyester control the quality of the water rejected.

This control permit to know the quantity of pollutant rejected towards a natural environment.

This enclosure in polyester have 3 separate compartments to install 3 different electrical system :

  • the analysis,
  • the low voltage
  • the automation.

Another specification, asked by the client was the important depth, 600mm.

To integrate a big sampler we needed a big depth. This range of enclosures in polyester can have a depth of maximum 1000mm,

This enclosure in polyester has a color near the color of the wall to merge in the environment.

Europoly offer you to integrate into these cabinets in polyester the options dedicated to your application (full steel mounting plate, galvanized or in polyester, drilled steel mounting plate, 19” rack…)

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