A EURO MEDIUM enclosure and a MINI EURO cabinet for a truck wash station

Armoire Euro médium et coffret mini euro pour une station de lavage
Armoire Euro médium et coffret mini euro pour une station de lavage

Our client RIBER.S integrated our enclosure and cabinet directly into his truck wash portal.

Thanks to their high resistance to corrosion and their watertightness (IP 65/66), our glassfiber reinforced polyester enclosures/cabinets protect the portal’s electrical system from its humid environment.

Thanks to a wide range of dimensions and accessories, our products will meet any of your specific needs.

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MAXI EURO enclosures for solar energy

Our customer has installed GRP enclosures of our MAXI EURO 1500 range next to photovoltaic panels in order to protect energy storage batteries.

These enclosures’ advantages are: high resistance to corrosion, mechanical impact resistance IK10, high watertightness IP65. The Gel Coat finish and the polyurethane coating protect our enclosures from UV rays and therefore guarantee them a long lifespan.

These enclosures are provided with one or two doors – depending on to their dimensions – and can be assembled to fit your needs. Our research unit can also design made-to-measure solutions based on your requirements.

GRP cabinet for a telephone relay station

GRP cabinet for a telephone relay station

One of our MINI EURO cabinet has been used as a telephone relay station in a trading estate of about 20 companies. It has been installed on one of our client’s building to relay telephone lines to the surrounding buildings which have weak signal.

This IP66 cabinet made of glassfiber reinforced polyester guarantees watertightness and high resistance to corrosion. It perfectly protects your electrical and electronic equipment.

This cabinet suits in outdoor or corrosive environments and is automatically delivered with fixing lugs.

Anti-poster enclosures for the Metropolis of Lyon

armoire anti-affiche pour la ville de Lyon
armoire anti-affiche pour la ville de Lyon

EUROPOLY very often manufactures anti-poster and anti-graffiti enclosures of different sizes for the “Greater Lyon”. While belonging to our standard EURO URBAIN range, these enclosures were specially designed to meet our client’s request and to perfectly fit into its urban environment.
These IP55/IK10 enclosure are highly anticorrosive thanks to fibre-glass reinforced polyester and Gel Coat finish. They protect the city’s various electrical installations such as public lighting, traffic signalling or tram management systems.

A Maxi Euro ST enclosure for PSA (Peugeot)

We manufactured a Maxi Euro enclosure for car parks’ control system on PSA’s Douvrin site. Thanks to fibre-glass reinforced polyester which is totally resistant to corrosion, this enclosure allows to store electrical equipment for car parks’ management (video-surveillance…) while protecting it in harsh environments. This enclosure was provided with a base and was directly fixed to a concrete slab.

Our Maxi Euro ST range offers a wide range of standard dimensions and is completed by Maxi Euro SP range that is customizable according to your needs.

For further information, you can give a look at our catalogue and our Maxi Euro 1500 or Maxi Euro 1900 brochure !

Fibreglass-polyester enclosures for fibre connections on a protected site.

As requested by a customer, EUROPOLY has made enclosures from the EURO MEDIUM range to install an access control system and an optical communication system.

These enclosures’ advantages are: the 2-slope self-ventilated roofing, the polyester base of height 250mm (quick installation on concrete), the 3-latch locking system.

EURO MEDIUM modular enclosures are specially designed for corrosive and outdoor environments. They are particularly adapted to pumping structures, water treatment plants, electricity distribution as well as telephony, video and lighting.

These enclosures entirely made of fibreglass reinforced polyester guarantee waterproofness and high resistance to corrosion. Thanks to our modular system we can offer about 50 enclosures of different dimensions (from 500x500x300mm to 1250x2000x500mm).

Polyester cabinets for Telecom installation

Polyester cabinets of our MINIEURO range are specially used for the installation of security equipment, security cameras, alarms. The installation can be made inside or outside premises as well as severe environments (inclement weather, pollution, saline atmosphere).

Fixation poteau 1

For this case, polyester cabinets were used for a telecom installation, dedicated to the Hertzian network. The advantage of this choice of application is the lightness of the box for an installation up to 30 meters of height. Besides, these polyester cabinets are suitable for highly corrosive environments.

These polyester cabinets can be fixed against a wall or a post thanks to mounting brackets.
Furthermore, they can also be positioned on the ground.


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Europoly made polyester cabinets for the Orly airport.

Securing the Orly airport


Europoly made polyester cabinets for the Orly airport.
The objective of these cabinets is to secure the site.

These polyester enclosures contain the management of every opening and closing system of the airport.

For this major project, our customer used polyester cabinets of our EUROMEDIUM range.

The color used is the 1015 and all the polyester cabinets have an anti-graffiti and anti-poster coating.


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armoires polyester pour sécuriser l’aéroport d’Orly

Enclosures for Eiffage Guyana!

armoire en polyester MAXIEURO

Cabinets in polyester for Eiffage Guyana! Europoly made protective cabinets in polyester for electrical transformers, in Guyana for the Kourou site. These cabinets in polyester, from our MAXIEURO range, have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures such as 50°C, even higher.

Our production team has planned the installation of a ventilation grill in order to dissipate the power transmitted by the transformers. The latter have large dimensions and significant depths. Then, we made cabinets of 1900mm height X 1730mm width X 1200mm depth cabinets.

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Cabinets for water treatment in Belgium

armoire en polyester EURO MEDIUM

Cabinets in polyester for water treatment in Belgium

We manufactured, for the company SWDE in Belgium, cabinets in polyester for water treatment.

Pumping stations allow the sewage to be raised when the ground does not allow a flow of water by gravity.

Cabinets in polyester of our EURO MEDIUM range are designed for outdoor installations, therefore typically for water treatment applications.

We offered these cabinets in polyester to our customer because they included:

  • A self-ventilated roof, interesting for the evacuation of heat and to avoid condensation.

  • A reindorced and buried all-polyester base.
  • A base all polyester reinforced and buried.

Europoly offer you to integrate base, mounting plate, 19’’ rack, door window…   These cabinets in polyester have a very high corrosion resistance, an IP65 degree of protection and maximum mechanical protection IK10. Feel free to contact us!     WP_20170222_17_42_45_Pro