Unique dimensions!! Height with base: 2100mm, width: 6920mm, depth: 450mm.

In partnership with its client (a leading power supplier), Europoly designed this big-dimension enclosure which was later used as a low-voltage main switchboard in a particularly warm and humid environment (Guyana), in the photovoltaic sector.

Here are the main assets of this enclosure:

  • Polyester is a fully corrosion-resistant material

  • A polyester enclosure weighs twice less than other types of enclosures (steel, stainless steel) and has the same mechanical resistance

  • Polyester enclosures has class II protection (electrically insulating)

  • The heat insulation coefficient is clearly higher than with any other material (steel, stainless steel, aluminium…)

  • A really high protection level (IP65)

The challenge here was to conceive a very wide enclosure, that could be disassembled for sea transport, and then easily assembled on site with a provided mount kit.

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