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Group company EUROPOLY

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Group company EUROPOLY

Our instrumentation cabinets for gas stations in Belgium

We visited one of our Belgian customers during the installation of our instrumentation cabinets in their gas station.

Each of these cabinets protects a transmitter that controls the gas pressure. Those transmitters used to be uncovered and thus unprotected from bad weather, which could have led them to deteriorate prematurely.

Thanks to fiberglass reinforced polyester, our cabinets are watertight and resistant to corrosion, thus insuring a long lifespan to instrumentation equipment. The GRP coating has a 10-year guarantee and all the screws/hinges are made of stainless steel. Moreover, we can add an antistatic coating to install these cabinets in ATEX areas.

For our customer, we installed a “window” on each cabinet, which enables operators to quickly see control indicators from the outside. We can also install your transmitters or other equipment in our factory.

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