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Instrumentation cabinets

Coffrets d’instrumentation EURO INSTRUM

Europoly has developed a range of IP65 watertight cabinets specifically used for instrumentation purposes. These cabinets allow for the protection of transmitters, gas sampling valves and Manifolds. These cabinets are made of fibre-glass reinforced polyester with hydrocarbon resistant rubber sealants, and stainless steel hinges and locks.
Polyurethane mousse can be incorporated to allow thermal insulation, as well as an antistatic external coating – in accordance with the ATEX directive (suitable for use in explosive atmospheres).

Tried and Tested by: Nexans, Alcatel, Sagem…

Large enclosures ( IP55/65 )

Armoires grandes tailles polyester MAXI EURO

Anti-corrosion polyester enclosures, watertight and/or ventilated, with an external anti-UV, anti graffiti gel coat finish. External Gel Coat Guarantee: 10 years. Sizes range from 1900x665x400mm to 1900x6390x800mm. Thanks to their increased mechanical impact resistance (IK10), these enclosures are suitable for a wide range of industrial sites.

Tried and Tested by: Arcelor, Arkema, Ajinomoto, Zeneka, Exxon Mobil…

Polyester shelters ( IP44/55 )

Cabines shelters grandes dimensions MEGA EURO

Anti-corrosion polyester shelters, with an external anti-UV gel coat finish. These shelters can be delivered with or without thermal insulation. An external antistatic coating is also offered for use in explosive atmospheres (ATEX). Standard shelters are delivered without a base (making it easier to cover existing equipment), or optional bases are also offered.
Dimensions are height = 2400mm, width = 2000mm, length = from 1000 to 4000mm.

Tried and Tested by: Arkema, Novacab, Shell…