Instrumentation cabinets
Anti-static thermal insulation coating available.
359x335x321 à 548x800x480 mm

Special features that make difference

Fibre-glass reinforced polyester with gel coat finish.

Polyester coating guarantee: 10 years.

No lateral supports – increased space, as well as possibility for drilling and cut-outs on the sides.

Anti-static surface coating making cabinets suitable for harsh environments.

Interior coating protecting against electromagnetic radiation.

Cabinets with or without thermal insulation.

Protection Degree IP55-65 / Mechanical Resistance IK10

Fibre-glass reinforced polyester cabinet. Watertight, anti-UV gel coat finish, stainless steel hinges, locks and screws.

Extremely resistant to corrosion.




Uses: Specially developed cabinets for the protection of transmitters, manifolds, valves… These products are used for instrumentation in the chemical, oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Technical characteristics:
– Protection degree IP55/65 (in accordance with EN60529).
– Fibre-glass reinforced polyester enclosure
– Mechanical Impact resistance IK10 (in accordance with EN62262).
– Electrically insulating material.
– Light Grey colour RAL 7035. Possibility of other integrated colours.
– Resistant to extreme temperatures: from -120 to +100°C

Standard accessoires:
– Locking by stainless steel padlockable lever latches.
– Joint lèvre sur dormant de porte – Door frame sealant for cabinets with 45° opening.
– 2 stainless steel hinges

Optional accessories:
– Transmitter maintenance system.
– Different attachment possibilities with/without 2″ tube.
– Round gasket (diameter 132mm) available for INSTRUM CDC cabinet allowing tubes to be passed through.
– Window.
– Interior coating resistant to electromagnetic radiation.
– Antistatic exterior coating.
– Reinforced insulation of cabinet using polyurethane mousse.
– Ventilation.



Dimensions in mm References Optional accessories
H W D 20 mm mousse Anti-static coating Door window Interior mount clamp Exterior mount clamp
Without With
Cabinet opening at 45˚
342 331 346 C45/A C45/A.A5 C45/A-V On demand according to drawing specifications On demand according to drawing specifications
529 456 458 C45/B-SM C45/B-AM C45/B.A5 C45/B-V
634 561 532 C45/C C45/C.A5 C45/C-V
Cabinet opening at 90˚
400 350 227 CDC/A-SM CDC/A-AM CDC/A.A5 CDC/A.V On demand according to drawing specifications On demand according to drawing specifications
527 500 394 CDC/B-SM CDC/B-AM CDC/B.A5 CDC/B.V