Polyester protection cabinet

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capot d'armoires

EUROPOLY, in collaboration with its client and the municipality of Calais, designed and produced the tools for a cover to isolate, water infiltration, retractable socket boxes.

Within a very short period of time, our design and development office team analyzed the client’s specifications and then produced the design and tooling plans.

Finally, EUROPOLY, once the studies and the tools were completed, took charge of the production of the polyester covers.

The technical challenge was to produce covers that were both light, because they could be easily dismantled by the operator, and very robust because they were installed in an industrial port. Robust and lightweight honeycomb type reinforcements were used.

Another challenge was to produce more than 100 covers within 8 weeks, including tools. We have therefore made every effort and thanks to the integration of the entire production chain (design, tools, manufacturing) EUROPOLY was able to satisfy the customer.