Here is an enclosure from our range MAXI EURO giving a solution to a very specific application: A misting system for vehicle disinfection.

armoire maxi europoly

This client needed to install several enclosures outdoors. He was looking for an enclosure with big dimensions because the products he had to install inside were very voluminous. He also wanted the enclosure to be fully corrosion-resistant.

For his second application, the client also needed a deep enclosure in order to install telephone and safety devices.

We therefore offered an enclosure from our MAXI EURO range.

Here are our main assets:

  • Polyester enclosures with big dimensions allowing a single enclosure to incorporate all the equipment needed for a single application.
  • Enclosures that are both mechanically resistant and very light: With the same mechanical resistance, the weight of a polyester enclosure is 40% lighter than a steel enclosure.
  • Class II enclosures with double electrical insulation (polyester is an electrically insulating material).
  • Anti-graffiti and anti-corrosive coating


Europoly offers to incorporate all the racks designed for your application in these enclosures (full mounting plate, made out of galvanized steel or polyester, perforated mounting plate, 19’’ racks….).

We can also study the thermal management for you so as to optimize your installation.

Feel free to contact us!

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