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tramway malaisie

EUROPOLY, in close collaboration with its export client, has designed and produced a reinforced enclosure for housing very large metro or tramway switchboards.

Our commercial export team alongside our research and development unit were able to analyse the client specifications and draw up a design and prototyping plan.

The prototyping and moulding processes were carried out internally and finally EUROPOLY took on the task of manufacturing these polyester enclosures.

The task was as much of a technical challenge for our client as it was for us. The product’s unique specifications had to be respected: openings on 3 sides via 5 different doors, the reinforced 4 slope roof, the attachment of a polyester cabinet on one side, and the rigidity of the enclosure allowing it to withstand heavy loads whilst not increasing the weight of the enclosure itself.

Thanks to the skilled teamwork of the two companies, we were able to produce the enclosures and achieve our goal of satisfying the client. This custom made enclosure is now the go-to product for our client, a key player in the world of metro and tramway disconnectors.