Cabinets for water treatment in Belgium

armoire en polyester EURO MEDIUM

Cabinets in polyester for water treatment in Belgium

We manufactured, for the company SWDE in Belgium, cabinets in polyester for water treatment.

Pumping stations allow the sewage to be raised when the ground does not allow a flow of water by gravity.

Cabinets in polyester of our EURO MEDIUM range are design for outdoor installations, therefore typically for water treatment applications.

We have offered these cabinets in polyester to our customer because they included:

  • A self-ventilated roof, interesting for the evacuation of heat and to avoid condensation
  • A base all polyester reinforced and buried.

Europoly offer you to integrate base, mounting plate, 19’’ rack, door window…


These cabinets in polyester have a very high corrosion resistance, an IP65 degree of protection and maximum mechanical protection IK10.

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