Polyester cabinets for Telecom installation

Polyester cabinets of our MINIEURO range are specially used for the installation of security equipment, security cameras, alarms. The installation can be made inside or outside premises as well as severe environments (inclement weather, pollution, saline atmosphere).

Fixation poteau 1

For this case, polyester cabinets were used for a telecom installation, dedicated to the Hertzian network. The advantage of this choice of application is the lightness of the box for an installation up to 30 meters of height. Besides, these polyester cabinets are suitable for highly corrosive environments.

These polyester cabinets can be fixed against a wall or a post thanks to mounting brackets.
Furthermore, they can also be positioned on the ground.


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Europoly made polyester cabinets for the Orly airport.

Securing the Orly airport


Europoly made polyester cabinets for the Orly airport.
The objective of these cabinets is to secure the site.

These polyester enclosures contain the management of every opening and closing system of the airport.

For this major project, our customer used polyester cabinets of our EUROMEDIUM range.

The color used is the 1015 and all the polyester cabinets have an anti-graffiti and anti-poster coating.


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armoires polyester pour sécuriser l’aéroport d’Orly

Cabinets for Eiffage Guyana!

armoire en polyester MAXIEURO

Cabinets in polyester for Eiffage Guyana!

Europoly made protective cabinets in polyester for electrical transformers, in Guyana for the Kourou site.

These cabinets in polyester, from our MAXIEURO range, have been designed to withstand extreme temperatures such as 50°C, even higher.

Our team production has planned the installation of a ventilation grill, in order to dissipate the power transmitted by the transformers. The latter have large dimensions and important depths. Then, we made 1900mm height X 1730mm width X 1200mm depth cabinets.

Therefore, transformers will have all the necessary space for their final installation.

In this case, polyester was required. Indeed, Guyana is a place on the edge of the sea, with a lot of humidity and heat. This is why, polyester enclosures were the most suitable solution for these sites that are sensitive to corrosion.

Europoly is proud to work with Eiffage Guyana and the Kourou Space Center.

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Cabinets for water treatment in Belgium

armoire en polyester EURO MEDIUM

Cabinets in polyester for water treatment in Belgium

We manufactured, for the company SWDE in Belgium, cabinets in polyester for water treatment.

Pumping stations allow the sewage to be raised when the ground does not allow a flow of water by gravity.

Cabinets in polyester of our EURO MEDIUM range are design for outdoor installations, therefore typically for water treatment applications.

We have offered these cabinets in polyester to our customer because they included:

  • A self-ventilated roof, interesting for the evacuation of heat and to avoid condensation
  • A base all polyester reinforced and buried.

Europoly offer you to integrate base, mounting plate, 19’’ rack, door window…


These cabinets in polyester have a very high corrosion resistance, an IP65 degree of protection and maximum mechanical protection IK10.

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An enclosure of our range Euro1500 made for a wine-making castle

Armoire en polyester EURO1500

An enclosure in polyester of our range Euro1500 made for a wine-making castle

The electrical components inside our enclosure in polyester control the quality of the water rejected.

This control permit to know the quantity of pollutant rejected towards a natural environment.

This enclosure in polyester have 3 separate compartments to install 3 different electrical system :

  • the analysis,
  • the low voltage
  • the automation.

Another specification, asked by the client was the important depth, 600mm.

To integrate a big sampler we needed a big depth. This range of enclosures in polyester can have a depth of maximum 1000mm,

This enclosure in polyester has a color near the color of the wall to merge in the environment.

Europoly offer you to integrate into these cabinets in polyester the options dedicated to your application (full steel mounting plate, galvanized or in polyester, drilled steel mounting plate, 19” rack…)

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Fire cabinets in polyester

Armoire incendie polyester

Fire cabinets in polyester

Europoly makes fire protection cabinets in polyester, to store first aid products, but also important to integrate a water curtain system.

These cabinets in polyester have three priority interests:

  • Of red color in the mass, these cabinets in polyester are in conformity with the legislation in force,
  • The materi al: polyester fiberglass reinforced totally anticorrosion, no impact on a wet and outdoor environment.
  • Possibility of having a thermal insulation reinforced by stratification of a polyurethane foam. This system prevents frost and prevents damages the water circuits.

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Armoire Deluge Preaction

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Cabinets for Lyon’s tramways

Cabinets in polyester for Lyon’s tramways


The city of Lyon has asked us to design the EURO URBAIN cabinets in order to integrate important electronic devises for Lyon’s tramways.

The Euro URBAIN enclosure in polyester range can fulfil the most frequent needs of the municipalities thanks to :

  • Their corrosion resistance
  • Their anti-graffiti coating
  • Their anti-poster surface
  • Their high mechanical strength

In our range, you can find small enclosures in polyester as well as deeper enclosures in which you can install big products ( disconnectors, interrupters…)

In Europoly’s cabinets you can integrate a thermal system (ventilators, air conditioners) . Their chassis is dedicated to your application. Our enclosures in polyester have reinforcements for heavy loads and they can have pedestals, metallic base plates….


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Shelters for gaz treatment

The shelters in our range Mega Euro are used by our customers for a specific application. In which area ? Gas treatment from a post of delivery. The customers need the shelters to protect their enclosures for automatism and analysis.

These shelters also allow the technicians to shelter when  they are measuring and they can work serenely.




We have equipped some posts of delivery in France for our customers in the year 2017.

The posts of delivery allow the natural gas to be delivered as needed by the customers (pressure, debit, temperature…..). They are generally situated in the entrance of urban areas or directly at the industrial customers sites.

Europoly suggests that you integrate a thermal management in the cabins ( ventilator, air-conditioner), frames dedicated for your application and stands in polyester with a floor.

Our products have a high corrosion resistance and an excellent thermal insulation.


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An enclosure, coupled with polyester cabinets to pilot telescopes

This is a specific solution which has been designed for a particular application.




The company EUROPOLY produced enclosures coupled with cabinets to operate high-tech telescopes.

Our products were ordered and approved by the Paris Observatory. The enclosures and cabinets had to be both watertight and ventilated (minimum IP55) with a strong resistance against UV-rays.






We have therefor used IP55 air grids and ventilators. We painted the enclosures with a polyurethane coating to protect them against UV radiation.

The enclosures protect high-value and high-quality components and instruments.


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Here is an enclosure from our MAXI EURO product range

Armoires grandes tailles polyester MAXI EURO

Unique dimensions!! Height with base: 2100mm, width: 6920mm, depth: 450mm.

In partnership with its client (a leader power supplier), Europoly conceived this enclosure with big dimensions, which was later used as a low-voltage main switchboard in a particularly warm and humid environment (Guyana), in the photovoltaic sector.

Here are the main assets of this enclosure:

  1. Polyester is a fully corrosion-resistant material
  2. A polyester enclosure weighs twice as less as other types of enclosures (steel, stainless steel) and has the same mechanical resistance
  3. Polyester enclosures has class II protection (electrically insulating)
  4. The heat insulation coefficient is clearly higher as with any other material (steel, stainless steel, aluminum…)
  5. A really high protection level (IP65) could be guaranteed to the client

The challenge here was to conceive a very wide enclosure, that could be disassembled for sea transport, and then easily assembled on site with a provided mount kit.

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