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Group company EUROPOLY

The polyester referenceManufacture of boxes, cabinets, cabinets in polyester.

Group company EUROPOLY

Manufacture of cabin cabinets, shelters in insulated sandwich panels

Group company EUROPOLY

Polyester shelters for Shell

We produced several polyester shelters for a petroleum site (refinery and transformation). These shelters are used as machine rooms designed for a specific application, in this case: low-tension premises.

The main reasons for using a polyester shelter:

  1. Its weight that is inferior to any other material. Moreover, fiber-glass reinforced polyester is mechanically very resistant.
  2. Our shelters are thermally insulated with polyurethane foam disposed between two layers of fiber-glass sheeting. We therefore have a very good thermal coefficient (going from 3.5 to 1.1 w/m²/°k)
  3. For this application, we proposed a shelter without bottom in order to install it on a concrete slab which offers several benefits: this technique is used to cover equipment that is already installed on the slab. The installation is therefore easier and goes faster, and the shelter is lighter as well.
  4. Anti-corrosive gel coat and polyurethane finish. No additional coating needed.

We offer a standard range of shelters with a 2.4 meters height and 2 meters width. Their depth goes from 1 to 4 meters.

Europoly offers to incorporate a thermal management system in these shelters (ventilators, air-conditioning unit), as well as racks designed for your application and polyester bases with flooring, etc.

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