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AccessoireCE Lighting: 75W, classe II IP23, IK04
Documents enclosure: ABS, A4 format, mounting adhesive
PC support tray: aluminium
• Door stop: holds door open at between 90˚ and 115˚.
• Compass door system: Lifting arm at the top of the door which holds door open.
• Door contact: Stainless steel push-button mechanism, NF+NO contact, IP66, 6A-250vac connection using 1.5mm² wire
• Door contact: Telescopic apex push-button mechanism, 1 switch, IP67, 8A-250vac, flexible 0.5m wire termination
Polycarbonate window: 4mm thickness, installed with double lip rubber sealant
Polycarbonate window: 5mm thickness, installed using glue, double-sided 3M and POP rivet, watertight and transparent
• Lifting lugs: weight allowance for 4 lugs: 500kg/m³, material: hot-dipped steel or stainless steel
• Locking system: key lock (number to be chosen), insert, triangle, double bar, square, half-moon imprint
• Polyamide handle: removable retractable, padlockable, all other types of handles available on demand



armoires coffrets polyester blocage compas custom


1. Door stop in open position. (BLPAR)
2. Compass door system. (COMP)
3. A4 document storage. (POCHA4 )
4. 60W lighting. 60W/230W neon lighting. (ECL60)
5. Door contact triggering lights to come on when the door is opened. 5A/230V. (CONTP)





Accessoire socle



adapted to your requirements.

Our standard bases come in heights of 60, 100, 200 and 500mm. Width and Depth are variable according to your requirements.


Our cabinets and enclosures can be produced in a variety of different colours according to your requirements.

The colour component (chosen from the RAL colour chart) is integrated into the resin for the majority of our cabinets and enclosures. The colour is integrated into the Gel coat finish (one of the polyester components) making it completely indelible and impossible to remove. We can also offer specific gel coat finishes containing carbon or anti-static particles.