Shelters for gaz treatment

The shelters in our range Mega Euro are used by our customers for a specific application. In which area ? Gas treatment from a post of delivery. The customers need the shelters to protect their enclosures for automatism and analysis.

These shelters also allow the technicians to shelter when  they are measuring and they can work serenely.




We have equipped some posts of delivery in France for our customers in the year 2017.

The posts of delivery allow the natural gas to be delivered as needed by the customers (pressure, debit, temperature…..). They are generally situated in the entrance of urban areas or directly at the industrial customers sites.

Europoly suggests that you integrate a thermal management in the cabins ( ventilator, air-conditioner), frames dedicated for your application and stands in polyester with a floor.

Our products have a high corrosion resistance and an excellent thermal insulation.


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